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Storing Files With Us Designing the Future of Storage

Professional Attention to Archival StorageDonnegan Systems is a full-service records management company. We provide archival storage and related services for our clients' paper files, computer disks, tapes and printouts, microfilm and microfiche, audio and video tapes, films, optical disks, x-rays and blueprints. All information received in our Storage Facility is appropriately bar-coded, indexed, and entered into our document management system. Thus, if the need to access a document stored in our facility should arise, we are able to retrieve it and get the information to you quickly.

Many of our clients who employ our microfilming and/or scanning services ask us to store the original documents, the master microfilm roll or fiche, and copies of the disks we generate as part of their disaster plan. The microfilm and CDs we create are easy enough to be moved out of harms way in the case of fire or flood. But the duplicate storage at our facility offers an extra measure of security. Vital records protection is an essential corporate responsibility that can be fulfilled by partnering with Donnegan Systems, Inc.

We also offer certified document destruction-immediate or programmed-should you no longer require the originals

By simply knowing what records you have, and how long you need to keep them, and choosing to move less active records off site the records manager can reduce operating costs while opening up valuable space for additional active records.  

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Spacesaver High Bay Extend Used for Offsite Box Storage in Warehouse

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Storing Files At Donnegan record storage off site storage Storing Files At Donnegan record storage off site storage Storing Files At Donnegan record storage off site storage Storing Files At Donnegan record storage off site storage

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