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Donnegan Systems: Spacesaver Shelving

Spacesaver Four Post Shelving

Spacesaver Shelving, a revolutionary new shelving system from Spacesaver, provides infinite storage possibilities- making it the most flexible shelving system ever offered in the industry of storage.  A unique hybrid system, Spacesaver's Wheelhouse and Eclipse Powered Shelving exceeds industry standards by offering more storage/filing capacities than L&T style shelving systems.

Its flexible features and its wide selection of accessories  are specially designed to store any objects safely and efficiently.  Accessories such as specialty shelves, drawers, trays, bins, hooks, and rolled adaptors can be customized to make the most of your space and to properly store your material.

Spacesaver's shelving can be used for either fixed or Mobile applications, thus maximizing your storage capacity and optimizing the use of your space.  Spacesaver's extensive line of mobile systems offers unlimited possibilities for your shelving system.  Just think about it!

Spacesaver Shelving can be configured as standalone single face units.  Can be configured as double face units.  Can be placed on high density moveable carriages.  The shelving can accept drawer units for small items or hanging file folders.  It is the most versatile and flexible shelving system on the market today!




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