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Industrial StoragePowered Moveable Pallet Rack Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: Powered Moveable Pallet Rack ActivRAC by Spacesaver, Mechanical Moveable Pallet Rack.  High Density Moveable Pallet Rack Shelving.

The Spacesaver ActivRAC System lets you make the most of one of your company's biggest investments - floor space. With racks mounted on movable carriages, the system creates access aisles - for people and for trucks-only when and where they're needed. So aisles not in immediate use aren't taking up valuable floor space that could be devoted to revenue-producing activity.

This versatile system is surprisingly nimble while carrying loads over 500,000 pounds on carriages up to 120' in length. Complete operator safety is assured with a number of standard and optional safety features.

Donnegan can also provide the software that allows you to use a personal computer with your Spacesaver ActivRAC System to speed retrieval, increase productivity, and provide up-to-the-minute inventory information.

Industrial Storage will work with you to design the system that best fits your needs, and will train your employees in its use.

For an on-site analysis of how a Spacesaver High Density ActivRAC System can double your capacity-or cut in half the floor space devoted to storage - call Industrial Storage!

Spacesaver Powered ActiveRAC System for Industrial Pallet Rack ShelvingSpacesaver ActivRAC Industrial Mechanical Assist Pallet Rack ShelvingSpacesaver Mechanical Assist Pallet Rack Storage Shelving for Warehouse Powered Moveable Pallet RackSPacesaver Powered ActivRac Storage Solution with Rails in Concrete

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Mobilex HD: Mobilex HD is a Robust Moveable Pallet Rack System. Mobilex HD is made by ActivRAK Powered Moveable Pallet Rack

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