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Net File ManagerNetfileManager Demo Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan NetFile Manager Demonstration

Before viewing the NetFileManagerDemo, Please read the following important information!

Demonstration Tips

User Name is Guest and Password is Guest.

The FIND function located on the top tool bar has been designed to have constant focus. This feature allows you to perform most of the functions within the system by either keying or by reading representative bar-codes. These include CHECKOUT, CHECKIN, TRANSFER, or REQUEST. The flow of the application is designed to lookup a specific file and then perform a system function against it.

Select Search on the navigation bar. Type 7 into the File Number field. This will retrieve all files starting with the number 7. Now click on the Search button. File searches can also could have been accomplished by reading a bar-code off of a file folder. This looks up the file in the system and displays it's current status. Based on this status you can either CHECKOUT, CHECKIN,TRANSFER, or REQUEST the file. This can be done by either clicking on the appropriate button, keying the function into the find area, or by reading a bar-code that represents the function off of a template.

View Document Images

Select Search on the navigation bar. Type % (wildcard value) into any index field. This will retrieve the all files in the demonstration database.

Click the (page icon) at the end of the selected file and the image viewer required will load automatically. It will ask for permission to install. Select Yes and it will be ready to go!

The NetFileManager image viewer requires a Java environment supporting Java 1.1.5 or later. Ideally any Java applet should work with your browser without having to install additional browser options. At the moment this is true for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and Netscape 5.0 (or later). Other browsers require the Sun Java plugin (version 1.3 or later)

Document Imaging with complete control over the original paper files was never so easy!  Take a few minutes to view the demonstration projects to see how you can, harness the power of the web, to control your information today.


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NetfileManager Demo NetfileManager Demo NetfileManager Demo

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