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Net Labels Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: NetLabels ... Now Available on the Web!

Unleash the Power of the Web!! Start Printing your color-coded labels today using Donnegan Net Labels.

Convenience ...

Print from any computer with internet access, from any location at any time - without special hardware or software. You can have convenient on-demand label printing from the intNet Labels Always Available, Always On Timeernet! NetLabels runs in a web browser and produces labels from your pre-existing printers. You can access NetLabels at whenever you want.  There is no need to load any additional software on your PC or workstation since NetLabels is written in multi-versatile JAVA. Upgraded versions of NetLabels automatically load when in use. This feature will eliminate costly software upgrades and tedious maintenance schedules. NetLabels may be loaded on an organization's internal network, intranet/extranet or internet web server.

Cost Efficiency ...

Net Labels are Printed On Your Color PrinterThere's NO up-front or ongoing software or hardware expense with NetLabels. Labels can simply be printed from an unlimited number of workstations - at NO extra cost! There's no longer a need to stockpile rolls of labels and other related supplies to color code file folders. By using NetLabels, you can print a one-piece folder label, with identifying data printed right from your pre-existing database. You can use your own computer, printer and software ... and print any design you can imagine. You pay ONLY when you access NetLabels. There are no long term contracts or expensive software upgrades. NetLabels is the safe and cost-effective solution for the twenty first century!


Security ...

NetLabels employs the most advanced internet security features available today. We do this to ensure that our customers are always operating in a secure computing environment. Cusomter data never leaves the local computer system because it never transmits over the internet. Instead it links to NetLabels AFTER the software has already downloaded. Our customer's confidentiality is never at risk. Each software component is digitally signed with an authorized software certificate. This both verifies the source of the software and secures the tamper-proof delivery of the downloaded software. To further ensure security, we utilize protected user ID's and encrypted passwords.

Flexibility ...

NetLabels runs on any computer, printer or operating system connected to a PC and linked to the internet. Any workstation in your organization, at any time, can print on-demand labels in practically any style desired. Limitless label design options include: clip art, photographs, logos, bar codes, calendar date grids, retention schedule designations ... or anything else you can dream up!! Since NetLabels is written in JAVA, it runs on essentially ANY operating system including: Windows, OS/2, Solaris, Unix, Linux and the like. All you need is a JAVA compatible browser, an internet connection and See Directions Below

DIRECTIONS: Click the above link..Load the Java Script..Grant Session.. UserName:  Guest

                                                                                                        Password:   Guest

                         Start Printing labels to your color printer!!




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