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Museum & Art Gallery Storage: Teamed together with Spacesaver, Donnegan Systems specializes in the installation of customized art racks and unique cabinet and shelving units, bringing a sense of protection to all pieces of fine art that are in need of a safe home.   We understand the importance of quality, and insure that all collections will be preserved in the most efficient way.  We offer numerous safety features that meet high performance criteria.  such as top of the line security, mechanical and electrical locking systems, infrared movement detectors, heavy duty build, and attention to sustainable materials.  All our units can be custom made to fit every artifact in your collection.   
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Framed Art Work Storage
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4-Post Shelving & Drawer Storage

Wheelhouse Mobile Storage  Spacesaver

Wheelhouse™ High-Density Mobile Storage System from Spacesaver combines strength and adaptability in a low-profile modular storage system that makes the most of every inch of space. Your system should be easy to reconfigure, expand, and even relocate. This systems is available in powered control, mechanical assistance, and manually.    



Xtend High Bay Storage    Spacesaver

Designed specifically for high-density off-site storage, the XTend™ system fromSpacesaver® is the industry’s very first mobile high-bay storage system. It combines proven, best-in-class compact storage technology with well-established industrial-grade storage design concepts.  The ability to store large volumes of materials or records off site and still maintain appropriate access to them. Allows the freedom to utilize valuable on-site space for more useful or profitable purposes.


Art Racks               Spacesaver

Spacesaver Mobile Art Rack Systems preserve precious floor space as well as framed artwork! This storage system offers greater capacity, with double-sided mesh screens that are flush to the art rack frame. The artwork hanging arrangement is limitless … especially where floor space is not. Spacesaver Art Rack Systems can store the same amount of material as the conventional pull-out art racks in almost half the floor spaced.


Door & Drawer System    Spacesaver

The Spacesaver modular storage drawer contains adjustable (optional) bottom dividers to keep drawer contents well organized.  Combine the security of a lateral file cabinet with the space efficiency and convenience of office shelving while maintaining a clean aesthetic look with Spacesaver’s closed file drawer. For maximum visibility, versatile roll-out interior drawer may be configured for top-tab hanging folders, or for open shelf filing of top or side-tab folders.     

4-Post & Case Type Shelving   Spacesaver

Spacesaver 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving are highly adaptable, cost-effective storage solutions for virtually anything you wish to store. Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Spacesaver 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving offer you a comprehensive choice of options.


ActiveStor Cabinets & Bookcases  Spacesaver

The ActiveStor® personal file management system combines high value, flexibility, safety and security to meet the changing needs of the information age. The system features lateral files, bookcases, storage cabinets and pedestals. ActiveStor® units are available in preconfigured or customized versions to meet your specific storage requirements. 


Quick Space Pullout System Spacesaver

QuickSpace® is a unique storage system that can more than double your storage capacity in your current space. Moving in and out without a fixed rail system,QuickSpace offers a contemporary design and easy installation in small spaces. QuickSpace storage systems come in a variety of standard sizes, configurations and finishes, making it a cost-effective storage solution.


Rotary Storage    Spacesaver

Spacesaver Rotary Storage Systems are the space-efficient and cost-effective alternative to lateral and vertical files. Rotary Storage offers the same or greater capacity as conventional file cabinets in a fraction of the floor space. And Spacesavermeets virtually every height requirement in the industry. The units rotate to give access to two banks of stored materials, single-sided or double-sided access when using them as room dividers.


ActivRAC Mobile Storage Spacesaver

Static shelving wastes as much as 64% of available warehouse storage space. 

Mobilized storage systems eliminate this costly waste to deliver an immediate boost to productivity.  Our system,ActivRAC, eliminates the need for multiple dedicated aisles of rolling racks, saving space and/or increasing your storage capacity.


Wide Span Shelving   Spacesaver

Spacesaver wide span shelving is designed for hand-loaded, bulk storage used for hundreds of potential storage applications.  These systems are assembled using heavy duty 14-gauge steel beams.  These units are available in 60”, 72”, 84” & 96” widths, with add on kits optional.  The Wide Span Shelving has the capacity to hold up to 3,000 lbs.


Weapons Rack II & III   Spacesaver

The Weapons Rack II is a 2-piece design, consisting of a welded frame and butt holder with a separate adjustable barrel rest. The barrel rest is painted powder-coat black and dipped in vinyl coating to protect long gun barrels. The frame is available in allSpacesaver powder coat colors.
Weapons Rack III fromSpacesaver transforms into an instant weapon storage solution for long guns and pistols.  Each Weapons Rack III Kit includes one (1) base plate [powder-coated in any standard color with black rubber stock pads] and one (1) black vinyl coated barrel rest.



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