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Designing the Future of Storage

DR 5060 F by CanonDonnegan Systems  is one of the largest retailers of microfilm products in the nation. And the products manufactured by CANON are the premier items in our microfilm product line

Image capture for a microfilm system is performed by microfilm cameras and we offer a wide range of products for every need. We offer specialty microfilm cameras for the filming of checks, original documents, and books and each of these products has been designed with fast paced performance in mind.

Unique among our microfilm camera offerings is the Canon DR 5060 F that not only films documents at a high rate of speed, but also simultaneously digitizes the information for use in an imaging system.

Microfilm readers and reader printers span the technology from analog readers and reader printers with moderate print capacity to analog reader printers of super capacity for high production, readers particularly designed for large view screen and printout capability, to those readers that not only display an image of the microfilm, but digitize that information as well thus enabling the user to perform a wide variety of tasks with the digitized information.

Naturally, Donnegan Systems caries a full line of microfilm supplies and related equipment.  

For the customer that wants documents filmed we offer complete Microfilming Services as well. 



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