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Industrial Storage Designing the Future of Storage

Warehouses and Factories Where Donnegan Saves Space with Automated Storage and Retrieval SystemsDonnegan Systems considers that in today's fast-paced and competitive marketplace, organizations need every edge available to them to ensure success. Almost every company handles materials in some capacity whether they be supply items, inventory items, raw materials, manufacturing materials, tool room items, parts, or other items. How these materials are handled and managed can make a large impact on the company's bottom line. For over twenty-five years Donnegan Systems has been simplifying the material handling needs of our clients with quality products. Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions are an important part of our customer's business needs.

Would 90% savings in materials storage space and inventory shortages as low as .2% help your bottom line? Would increasing the time available for your employees to work on the most productive tasks improve the efficiency of your organization? Let the material handling experts at Donnegan Systems show you how this may be possible. Select one of the following categories for more specific solutions information: Hanel Lean Lift, Hanel Rotomat and Spacesaver ActivRAC and a Member of MHIA                                                                    

The principle is simple.                                                            
The applications are brilliant!

The compact design of the Hänel Rotomat® enables up to 60% more storage area to be created on a minimal footprint by making use of the available room height.
The operating principle
The Hänel Rotomat® creates an enormous amount of storage space on a small footprint. It works on the Ferris wheel principle, i. e. the archives come to the operator, not the operator to the archives.
The structural design
Self-supporting steel plate casing, comparable to the cellular structure used in the aircraft industry. Lockable, smooth-action sliding doors. Environmentally friendly powder coating, as well as impact-resistant and shock-proof stove enamel finishes. There are five attractive colors to choose from. Customized finishes are possible.
The drive system
Most Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousels are powered by two 208 or 480-V three-phase motors. 

Pole-switching three-phase motors are used as standard, enabling gentle but powerful acceleration and braking even under different load conditions.
The intelligent Hänel control systems
Powerful Hänel microprocessor control units offer the possibility of hooking up to computers and other peripheral devices, giving you an optimal overview at all times.
The safety
Hänel ensures maximum safety by using the Hänel safety threshold switches and light-barrier curtains compliant with DIN EN 15095. The Hänel Rotomat® carousels have the German GS mark and the Swiss SUVA inspection certificate attesting to their safety.


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