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Designing the Future of Storage

Federal GovernmentDonnegan Systems is the authorized agent for a number of manufacturers that have GSA schedules.  A brief description of the products and services for those manufacturers are listed below. For more detailed information on the products and services offered under a manufacturers GSA schedule click on their logo for more information.   We look forward to assisting your agency in selecting the right solution for you.

GSA Contracts--Here is a list of all our vendor partners and the GSA Schedule information for each.

Canon: Leaders in Microfilming and Imaging

this schedule helps federal customers find products and services such as production on/off site, document conversion, needs assessment and analysis and an array of other office management related services. Products on this shedule are document scanners, microfilm scanners, microfilm reader printers, digital document recorders, document imaging software, operating leases and maintenance. Document and Records Management Services - Includes document conversion services (e.g., scanning of original documents text and graphic images into digital data; transferring data among media);implementation of automated record management systems; data entry; records archiving, disposition and storage; vital records identification; records movement planning and disaster recovery; and records life-cycle management); document production services include the equipment and contractor provided operational and management personnel required for effective on-site document production.

Spacesaver GSA Contract # GS-28F-1003C 

 High Density Moveable Shelving, Wide Span Shelving, Cantilever Library Shelving, Weapons Racks, Bookstack Shelving, 4-Post and Case Type Shelving, Personal Storage Lockers, DSM Lockers, Personal Duty Lockers, Pharmacy Storage Shelving, Rotary Storage Cabinets, Rotary Storage Shelving, Moveable Carriages, Moeveable Shelving,  Art Storage Shelving.

Hanel Rotomat & Lean Lift Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions on GSA Contract


Small Business--Donnegan Systems meets the criteria of Small Business set aside for GSA contracting purposes.

The following summarizes our primary Government information management solutions. Please click on any of the links for more detail.

Industrial or Large Scale materials storage


Filing Equipment And Systems

  • High efficiency storage systems to speed file retrieval and reduce floorspace requirements.
  • Color coded file folders designed to speed file location and reduce misfiles.
  • Chart dividers to neatly organize file contents.
  • Barcode file tracking software to eliminate lost files and automate purging.
  • Conversion services to color coded folder systems.

Document Imaging Systems

  • Optical disk, CD-ROM or hard drive storage of documents and data: Imaging.


  • Roll film or microfiche for archival document storage: Microfilm

Hybrid Microfilm Systems

  • Microfilm scanners to digitize documents for faxing, printing, E Mail or storage to electronic media such as CD-ROM: Hybrids.

Document Conversion Services


Canon GSA  
Hanel Storage Systems Hanel Rotomat  

GSA ContractsMajor Accounts

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GSA Contracts GSA Contracts GSA Contracts

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