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Storage of Paper FilesCompact Shelving Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: Compact Shelving

Media continues to grow whether paper, tapes, cartridges, or small parts (SKU's) -- making storage space a major consideration - a major cost! The concept of Compact Shelving eliminates all those wasted aisles - reducing them to a manageable number, while still providing for the multiple access required by your application.

A Document Management Specialist from Donnegan Systems will survey your needs, provide you with professional Compact Shelving layouts and configurations to assure maximum utilization of floor space in keeping with your special retrieval needs.

Whether Manual, Mechanical or Powered Eclipse Compact Shelving  are required, Donnegan Systems specialists will recommend only the right Compact Shelving system - tailored to your needs!

Spacesaver Compact Shelving Don't Waste Floor Space!


High Activity Storage Area combines fixed and Compact Shelving with multiple access points to speed retrieval time.


Low-Activity Compact Shelving can be designed with a single access point to deliver the highest storage capacity.


Traditional Storage methods waste 50% or more of valuable floor space on unnecessary, Non-Revenue producing access aisles.

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Compact Shelving for Paper files_ tapes High Density Compact Shelving Mobile Compact Shelving Compact Shelving for Libraries Spacesaver Compact Shelving Shelving made Compact Compactor style Shelving Compact Shelving for Paper files_ tapes High Density Compact Shelving Mobile Compact Shelving

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