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Automated Storage Designing the Future of Storage

At Donnegan Systems we offer effective and cost-savings automated storage solutions for a variety of applications including library books, museum artifacts, medical records charts, office files, computer tapes, warehouse storage and much much more.  Automated storage comes in a variety of forms including:

Mobile Storage:
The concept of Automated Mobile Storage - "Shelving on Wheels" - takes the space saving characteristics of shelving a step further by eliminating unneeded aisles- reducing them to a manageable number, while still providing for the multiple access required by your application. These automated systems can be moved manually, with mechanical assist, or by electrical motors.  Donnegan Systems will survey your needs and provide you with professional layouts and configurations to assure maximum utilization of floor space in keeping with your special retrieval needs.

Automated Vertical Carousels for Offices:

Automated Carousels are the smart choice for many filing storage needs. In addition to utilizing vertical space to pack the greatest number of files, automated carousels greatly reduce search motions by bringing the required files to the operator who may be sitting or standing. Automated carousels are the way to go when space savings and repeated access are the principal factors in establishing storage for your filing system. Another feature of automated carousels is that they can be closed and locked. Carousels:

Kardex Lektriever 2000Ensure File Security

  • Are ADA Compliant
  • Provide quick access
  • Are easy to use


Rotary Files:

Times Two Speed FilesThese are file cabinets that can be as tall as shelving, and which contain a back to back shelving Times Two Conceptunit that can be rotated, lazy Susan style, to bring the desired files to view. The files can be accessible from either side, doubling the amount of files that can be viewed from one standing position. Rotary files offer far greater filing efficiency than lateral, vertical, or any single-depth storage units, and they offer unique office layout opportunities because of their dual access feature.



Vertical Carousels for Industrial Use-Lean-Lift by Hanel: MegaStations 2 Industrial Vertical Carousels by MegaStar

Lean-Lift is an automated computer controlled vertical carousel which can operate both as a central inventory store or as an on-line materials handling system, providing accurate, real-time data from the shop floor to high level planning systems. The MegaStation is fast becoming an industry standard for those companies looking to progress forwards from the more traditional working procedures associated with manual handling. The key benefits to users from a variety of industries are quite similar, the most significant ones being:




Vertical Lifts for Industrial Use-Rotomat by Hanel:

The MegaLift Concept




The Rotomat is a computer controlled automated vertical lift, storage and retrieval system. Stock remains stationary within the Rotomat on front and rear tray locations. On request a movable extractor unit travels vertically between the two columns of trays and pulls the requested pallet from its location and takes it to an access point. The operator then picks or replenishes stock and the tray is returned to its home. Alternately, the selected tray can be automatically placed onto a stub conveyor, robot or AGV for onward dispatch.

Mobile Storage  

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