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Art Panels Designing the Future of Storage

 Donnegan Systems: Art Panels

The Storage of Paintings and Framed Art Works, in the minimal space usually allocated, and with controlled environmental conditions necessary for their preservation defines the need for specialized storage solutions.  Spacesaver's Art Panels meet that need.

Spacesaver Hanglider Pro and Sliding art panels permit not only the individual storage of paintings, but art panels ensure complete protection and free access to them as well.  The framed metallic mesh of Art Panels maximizes hanging surfaces and provides necessary ventilation.  All sliding Art Panels are equipped with high quality slides, cushions and ball bearing wheels for the safe and steady movement of each individual rack. Spacesaver’s unique deceleration device slows panel motion during the last 15" (385 mm) of movement in either direction.

The overhead track and precision frictionless roller guide trolley contains molded silicone rubber isolators to protect collection from vibration.

Panel system features the industry’s thickest gage aluminum horizontal diamond mesh screen, which is flattened and de-burred to protect stored materials and users.

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