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Storage of Paper Files Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems represents MegaStar to provide our customers with Document Storage solutions.  We offer MegaStar Vertical Carousels to address these customer concerns:T IC LATE

  • MediaStation Concept from MegaStar
  • Floor space savings
  • Ease of retrieval
  • Flexibility
  • File control and tracking
  • Security
  • Finish






MegaStar Vertical Carousels are an automated storage and retrieval system that holds thousands of files in hard copy format. Its capacity is the equivalent of at least 16 four-drawer cabinets.

The shelves which hold your files rotate on MegaStar Vertical Carousels systems, are controlled by a key pad enabling you to call up individual files. MegaStar Vertical Carousels  can be networked to your PC and are as easy to operate as a printer, simply click on the requested file and the MegaStar Vertical Carousels will present that file to you at a working height.

 Floor space savings: Typically MegaStar Vertical Carousels will save you 50% plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products.


MediaStation brings the File to the OperatorEase of retrieval: No more backstrain and concerns about office Health and Safety issues.

MegaStar Vertical Carousels are an automated system--the filing is brought to you not vice versa . No more walking, climbing ladders, bending and stretching to retrieve files. We estimate that all staff can become 40% more productive. Automating your filing also helps disabled employees to do a broader range of office functions. Wheelchair access to MegaStar Vertical Carousels is easy to achieve.


Flexibility: How versatile is the system, I have a variety of media types and sizes?

Whatever your media requirement there is a filing shelf within MegaStar Vertical Carousels to house it as efficiently as possible. So whether you have letter, legal, CD's, disks, videos, cassettes, plans, hanging frames, or other specialized types-MegaStar Vertical Carousels will cope.

Check Filing

Hanging Folders

Specialized Trays

Lateral Filing

File control and tracking: MegaStar Vertical Carousels are simple to link to any file tracking software package, giving the operator additional information when retrieving files and guiding the user to required files by a light system. Files out for reference, due for transfer or destruction can be managed by software, giving a comprehensive and accurate foolproof system with full audit trail capability.


For areas where highly sensitive files are located MegaStar Vertical Carousels are the answer. Medical staff concerned with HIPAA regulations should take particular note.  MegaStar Vertical Carousels are fully lockable; documents cannot be accessed without proper authorization.

Finish: Can MegaStar Vertical Carousels match existing furniture and other legacy systems?

MegaStar Vertical Carousels are available in a wide range of colors and to match any decor.


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Vertical Carousels AUTOMATED STORAGE VERTICAL CAROUSELS MEDIASTATIONS BY MEGASTAR Vertical Carousels AUTOMATED STORAGE VERTICAL CAROUSELS MEDIASTATIONS BY MEGASTAR Megastar Vertical Carousels for Filing Megastar Vertical Carousels are Automated. Megastar Vertical Carousels increase productivity

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